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Professional, Insure, Reliable Cleaning Services, Canberra

Are you wasting your valuable weekend time cleaning your house and office? Well, we are here to care for you. Hire us for complete cleaning solutions. We are professional cleaners and have built our business by being reliabile, honest, and loyal. We provide premium and bespoke cleaning solutions to a range to a households and to a range of small, medium and large businesses, all over Canberra. We focus on looking after every single customer and meeting their highest expectations. 

Safal Infinite specializes in cleaning carpets, windows, and entire premises to make offices and houses shine. We believe that cleaner surroundings provide a much better environment for homeowners, guests, and customers, and provide health benefits of being free from dust and dirt. Our professional team from Canberra meets the highest industry standards. We are highly trained, reliable and responsive. The comfort and satisfaction of our clients is our highest priority.

Safal Infinite is committed to the environment and only uses environmentally safe cleaning products, disinfectants and cleaning instruments. This is an ongoing priority for us when conducting our business.

We understand your needs, but there might be some questions that you needed answers before taking any cleaning services from us..

Some Frequently asked questions are listed here that might help you get answers of all your Pre-sales questions.

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The total price depends on the size and condition of your home, that we strongly impact the price of these service.

We start cleaning your dirtiest room first and then we take one after one rooms.. Time for cleaning totally depends upon how much dirty the room is.

In order to book our service you need to call and book the appointment first. We will then visit and give you quotation for your work to be done. Once you finalized our service then we will give you proper dates for cleaning at Canberra.

We initially take 2 men for service and in some case it may increase as the room increase or any difficult cleaning work gets involved.



Select the date and time you’d like your professional to show up.


A trusted cleaner comes over and cleans your home


Sit back and relax. Enjoy your sparkling home

We’re a Leading Home, Carpet Cleaning Company in Canberra

We bring professionalism to everything we do

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House Cleaning Canberra Includes Following Services:-

carpet steam cleaner
bathroom cleaning services
residential cleaning services
professional cleaning services
commercial cleaning services
best end of tenancy cleaning
bond cleaning services
Canberra’s most trusted house cleaning service
 Complete, cost-effective and convenient
 Our 3 step process to easy cleaning:
Select a date and time that exactly meets your needs for a professional to show up
One of our highly trained professional experts will clean your home for you
Enjoy your sparkling new home.
 We Prioritise your Customer Experience
 Here at Safal Infinite Cleaning Service. We will always go the extra mile to deliver the “Wow” factor to you. What’s the secret to our formula? Simple. We offer comprehensive and outstanding customer service. We truly do not rest until we know that you’re 100{a1a508f9e47117c5c70ba2301de8a68354ff5c2923695c117356bfeb624002c4} satisfied with your kitchen. We’re experts in the Kitchen Industry, and we know that a nice, refreshing clean can help you and your family create a friendly family atmosphere. That’s why we offer a streamlined booking experience, extraordinary customer service and proficient cleaners for your home. Book Today, and we will truly go above and beyond to meet all of your needs.
All of our cleaning services come with a complimentary guarantee . If you’re not completely satisfied with your clean, please just let us know, and we would be more than happy to sort it out for free.
Reasons you should use Our Service
 Seasoned Specialists
Here at Safal Infinite Cleaning Service, we only hire the best. Every one of our highly-trained Professionals, were hand picked by us – cleaners who we would be more than happy to clean our very own homes.
Safety and Trust Commitments
We know it can be unnerving to hire a cleaner. But you can have total peace of mind, with our services. We go above and beyond to make sure your safety and security are out priorities.
 Honesty works best
 We value honesty and integrity. With us, you won’t find any hidden fees, nasty surprises or upsells. Only a hardworking and reliable staff.
Canberra’s most reputable house cleaning service
As the Capital city of Australia, residents take great pride in living in this thought out and well planned city. From the housing and architecture, to the public services, Canberra truly seems immaculate. Which is why it stands today, and an extremely popular destination for tourists and residents. Those who are local to the city, will know that weekends are best spent indulging in meals and relaxing with friends and family. Of course, when you have an endless list of household tasks and errands to perform on a daily basis, you may not have that time to truly enjoy what this beautiful city has to offer.
Regardless of where you’re from, whether it’s the beautiful city of Canberra, or any other city on the other side of the country, the problem still remains the same. Busy schedules and lack of time can take control of your life if you’re not careful. Trying to hold down your job, look after your precious kids, whilst trying to squeeze in a little bit of time to recover at the end of the day, it’s your energy and focus that really suffers. But what truly causes this mental fatigue, is a dirty, and disorganised home. When you lack both time and energy, you can begin to feel a little bit hopeless. That’s why we offer friendly, convenient and cost-friendly home cleaning services, so you can begin to focus in exactly what matters most, whilst we take care of your home.
 Comprehensive cleaning results every time
 You may have had this experience before: a maid performs Amazing service on the first occasion you hire her, but lets you down every other time. This is a familiar situation for many home owners who have placed their trust in second rate, no-name home cleaners before. Our goal for you: is to prove that perfection truly does exist. We always go the extra mile with our services to ensure that we consistently surpass your expectations. Our job is not finished until you are 100{a1a508f9e47117c5c70ba2301de8a68354ff5c2923695c117356bfeb624002c4} satisfied with the job completed.
What truly separates us from our competition, is our attention to detail. We leave no corner of your home un-cleaned, reaching intricate, unseen areas. When you use our services, you can always set ourself up to expect an immaculate cleaning result for your home on every occasion. Having serviced homes and apartments all over the city, our loyal and faithful customer base is a prime example of the outstanding treatment we offer to every one of our customers.
House Cleaning Canberra
House Cleaning Canberra
House Cleaning Canberra
House Cleaning Canberra

House Cleaning Canberra

Of course yes.

We offer Canberra’s Most Affordable end of lease cleaning Canberra .

Are you planning to move out and Secure your bond back? is your lease Ending and you wish to retain it? We provide 100{a1a508f9e47117c5c70ba2301de8a68354ff5c2923695c117356bfeb624002c4} assured satisfaction to retain your bond back fast & Efficiently. Try our End of lease cleaning canberra today and get feedback within an hour on your requirement. Rest assured about the cost, We bet it will be the lowest in the market. We are working in end of lease cleaning canberra since 10 years and we are proud to be in the market with such good experience and skills.

We have built a reliable relationship with our clientele and grew to be the Canberra’s most demanded end of lease cleaning service provider company in this decade. We are local of Canberra

Look No further

domestic cleaning services

We understand what is important to fulfill your Agreement and how expertly clean premises it should be. We also understand is not easy to find anyone and trust to any cleaning company. However, we are the most trusted and old company in the industry for End of Lease cleaning Canberra

Trusted End of Lease cleaners

Moving out of a rental property can be chaos, there’s no other way of saying it. When you begin to arrange the cardboard boxes and try to pack up your stuff, you will truly meet the demand of the task. You know how impossible it might seem to meet the expectations of the property manager in this situation. This is exactly why you need trained professionals to do the job for you. We are our very owned gems of seasoned and proficient cleaning experts, to take care of all of your home cleaning needs when moving. We utilise high-performing and ultra-modern biodegradable Cleaning agents to wipe out the dust and filth so you can pass the property inspection with ease.

We want you to move out hassle-free

We use the very best resources and staff in Canberra, who will take all of the hassle and stress out of moving out for you.

Our services

We have one goal in mind: to make sure your rental property in Canberra is transformed into the sparkling space that you have always wanted. We provide a range of cleaning services that can be booked as per your requirement.

End of Lease Cleaning

Want experienced and trusted Cleaners who know all of the ins and outs of their trade? We have highly trained professionals who are qualified in cleaning both residential and commercial properties.

What makes us stand out

We are 100{a1a508f9e47117c5c70ba2301de8a68354ff5c2923695c117356bfeb624002c4} focussed on solving all of your cleaning needs, by providing a truly exceptional level of customer service to all of our precious customers, and ensure that they know they can depend on us for immaculate cleaning services.

High Quality Reputation

We have worked hard to earn the trust of our customers over the years, and we’re prepared to work just as hard to keep this reputation. We are proud of our long lasting and strong partnerships with our customers.

Environmentally friendly

We know, that it’s important for you to look after our environment. That is why we offer you Biodegradable products in our cleaning services. We take pride in ensuring the safety and protection of our planet, with our eco-friendly products.

Top-of-the-range equipment

We choose only the very best supplies and machines to make your home immaculate. Our cleaners are highly trained to use these tools with precision, to leave your home looking flawless.


Unlike our competitors, our packages are not exorbitantly priced, with no hidden costs. You can receive complete value for money with our comprehensive and thorough cleaning services.

Hire us for extremely high-quality, trustworthy cleaners, at low, affordable prices.

Are you sick of cleaners who truly don’t know what they’re doing? Questionable, no-name, knock-off brands who just can’t get the job done? Well luckily today, you don’t have to look any further. We will happily make sure that your property is approved by the property manager during any form of inspection. We take the guesswork and mystique out of moving home once and for all.

end of lease cleaning service Canberra

House Cleaning Canberra

Canberra’s most trusted Carpet Cleaning Service

 Here at Safal Infinite Service, we provide affordable and reliable carpet cleaning service in the city of Canberra. Having served in this region for over 15 years, we are familiar with every nuance that exists in the carpet cleaning industry. We take great pride in ensuring your carpet, tiles, mattresses and car seats are returned to their immaculate state. We offer our comprehensive and thorough cleaning services at the most affordable prices for each one of our treasured customers. As leaders in the carpet cleaning industry, we are always innovating ourselves, and continuously learning new cleaning methods, to finish the job we started, which is of pioneering a new approach to seamless carpet cleaning in Canberra.

 Why should you choose Us?

•    Locally based Cleaners

•    Cost-Friendly an efficient services

•    Uniquely innovative cleaning tools

•    Eco-friendly, biodegradable Cleaning products used

•    Extremely low moisture cleaning methods.

•    No carpet shrinkage

•    Active health guard formula protects from allergies and bacteria.

Always choose the right company to clean your carpets

We offer quick and convenient carpet cleaning solutions, that other competitors in the industry cannot compete with. Our powerful expertise and vast ranges of specialised knowledge have been proven to provide successful results over, and over again to our cherished fan base. We would never dream of leaving our clients property unless we knew that they were 100{a1a508f9e47117c5c70ba2301de8a68354ff5c2923695c117356bfeb624002c4} content with the services that we offer them.

We want the very best carpet cleaning services for you, that’s exactly why we don’t want you to suffer from no-name, questionable, second rate carpet cleaning businesses. We take great pride in being Canberra’s most trusted carpet cleaning providers. Our loyal and satisfied customers have given us a reputation that we have worked hard for, and that we are willing to work just as hard to keep. This hard work begins with you, with your carpet, your home and your life, all in good hands… when you choose Canberra’s highest quality carpet cleaners.

  1. 100{a1a508f9e47117c5c70ba2301de8a68354ff5c2923695c117356bfeb624002c4} Guarantee
  2. Highly Experienced Certified professionals
  3. Comprehensively Insured
  4. Honest, Friendly, Dependable
  5. Very Fast Response
  6. Competitive Rates
  7. Dedicated To Quality.



We are Proper Canberra Based Registered Company and we do not provide our services except Canberra.

Our service area is domestic for cleaning services.




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